Creating specific solutions to meet customer needs quickly and efficiently.

The IMANOI team provides years of experience in the sector for a constructive comparison, reaching the technical needs of each customer. By following each project from the initial stages, we can structure tailor-made solutions and ensure the successful completion of the finished product with the best possible result.



  1. Project analysis and study 

IMANOI’s experience enables it to carry out specific analyses to assess the project as a whole and to overcome any issues that may arise afterwards with solutions designed specifically for the client. This allows you to check the management of the initial stages of the project, optimizing time, costs and resources.

  1. Feasibility testing 

Once the analysis stage has been completed, the IMANOI team is able to structure practical considerations to test the optimal solutions according to the problems that have emerged, in order to submit to the client a portfolio of alternatives designed for the specific issues.

  1. Tailor-made technical advice

Consultancy is an integral part of IMANOI: the team offers technical and practical support to assist the customer at every stage of the project, from the choice of the most suitable materials to the selection of optimal technologies during all stages of the production process. Supporting the customer’s needs step-by-step is a guarantee of an optimal success of a quality, long-lasting finished product that lives up to expectations.


IMANOI’s structured approach accompanies the customer through a series of indispensable services beyond moulding.

Measurement, testing and quality control

IMANOI’s state-of-the-art instrumentation provides elaborate, high-precision measurement strategies that can be immediately shared with its clients for the best project outcome.


Mould design

The experience and the deep knowledge of the technical field make IMANOI the ideal partner for the development of new moulds and the eventual correction of the existing ones: thanks to the latest generation machinery and equipment, IMANOI guarantees a quick response to the customers’ needs, together with a wide range of solutions to solve problems and meet the most specific requirements.


Unique solutions

A solution for every critical issue: IMANOI offers the possibility of structuring and solving critical issues in a unique and personalised way, in order to find the most efficient way for a successful project. Each proposal is conceived, structured and designed according to the client’s needs, distinguishing each request as unique and very personal.



IMANOI relies on qualified partners offering a wide range of materials and processing.  Thanks to its well-established network of subcontractors, IMANOI collaborates with world-leading companies in the sector.